Wooden Blinds – Are They Perfect for Every Room?

Wooden blinds are very popular and are the best sellers on most online ecommerce stores that sell this type of window décor. They really do look sophisticated and fit for purpose – but they are not suitable for every room in the house.

So, which rooms should you consider using an alternative like faux wood or plastic blinds? The areas where there is a lot of moisture should be the rooms where you avoid hanging real wood blinds.

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two obvious places in the home where moisture is in abundance. The kitchen can produce a daily hue of cooking vapours and spitting fat from the frying pan. Moreover, there is always plenty of steam chugging out of a kettle every time someone decides to brew a nice cup of tea.

Boiling potatoes and vegetables produced several minutes of steam on a daily basis, in many homes. The water vapour will eventually damage the wooden slats of a real wood blind. Expansion and rot are the extreme ways in which wood blinds suffer if installed in the kitchen or cooking areas.

Wooden blinds should also be avoided in the shower and bathroom areas too. Think about the steam that is emitted every time someone has a hot shower, a long soak in the bath or even the water droplets that rise following a toilet flush. All this moisture is not good for the wood.

In the bathroom and kitchen it would be more practical to use faux wood or plastic instead. Another area where wooden blinds may not be suitable or practical is the conservatory. Here, the windows tend to drop from ceiling to floor and can also be at different angles. This makes it highly impractical to use real wood blinds within a room like an outhouse or sun lounge. Besides, most conservatories are design to take maximum effect of the light, and not to block it out with thick wooden blinds.

Patio doors and French window facades in homes are another area where the stack of a wooden blind would not look good. It could mean that people would need to duck when exiting the living room and walking out onto the patio, if blinds of any design were fitted.

However, a home will suit a mix of real wood and faux wood blinds at every window, if so desired.