What you need to consider before choosing your Best Short Let Property in London

A short let gives a tenant a lease contract of about several weeks to months. Short lets are available for any type of property from 5-bedroom bungalows to 1-bedroom apartments. In London, a short let is an ideal solution if you are relocating for a job and haven’t picked a place to live yet. You may be there for a short business trip or holiday. Typically, a short let will cost more than a long-term lease, so you want to be confident that you make the right choice. With all the property options for London short lets, the following guidelines will go a long way.


If you are in the city for business, proximity matters a great deal. You have to find a property that is within a reasonable distance from your workplace. Look at the transport links that are available for commuters if that will be your transport means. Will you be driving? Then, factor in your accessibility to main roads. The same consideration applies if you are in London for school or a conference. For a parent with school-going children, the distance between the property and the school matters.


Regardless of how long you will stay at an apartment, you want assurances that it will be a trouble-free stay. If you are a tourist, it helps to know that, when you stay out late after sightseeing, you can return home without worrying about your safety. Ask about the crime rate in the region where you intend to rent. Finding out about the safety levels of a particular place will also help in determining if you need home security or not. Some property owners may provide security systems complete with the rental, but in others, tenants may need to install the necessary equipment themselves.


What amenities are in the area? Shopping centres, community centres and gyms are some of the facilities that most people will prioritise when finding a place to rent for the short-term. Your demands will determine the most suitable facilities that should top the list. If you love fitness, you may prefer an apartment complex with a gym. For a parent, a nearby park or mall may be convenient.

The Neighbourhood

The type of neighbours that you surround yourself with make a lot of difference. Whether you are in London for a week or two months and are considering properties for short let, find out about the neighbourhood before signing a lease. Individuals have different preferences when it comes to neighbours. A senior citizen who is finally travelling after retirement may prefer to rent a cottage in a quiet neighbourhood. A young couple may want neighbours who are of their age. A family may prefer a location where the children can interact with peers and so on.

Public Services

Besides transport links, you want a place that provides access to essential public services like hospitals, places of worship and police. Some rental agencies can readily provide this information, or you may have to dig a bit to find it.

Before entering into a short-term contract, have all these details in hand to avoid last minute regrets. Remember to check the local authority regulations and restrictions when picking a property to short let.