What is the Best Seating for a Home Cinema?

We at Custom Controls have often been ask what we think is the best seating for a home cinema. There are so many choices available, it can often be overwhelming trying to choose seating for your room.

From our reviews of various seating products, we love Cineak Home Cinema Seating since it is of the finest quality and offers flexible use within a home cinema. Not only do we think it is the best, consumers have voted with their feet and went and bought this brand of seating in numbers for the following reasons:

  • The Cineak Home Cinema Seating is available in a range of traditional single seats and couches, whichensures that everyone is able to buy seating that matches their style.
  • It is possible to choose and use your own fabric if you desire. There is also a wide range of fabrics that can be chosen from if you don’t have fabric you’d like to use.
  • If you have the Crestron Home Automation System installed within your property, it is possible to control the seating using this system if you so desire.

What Type of Seating do Cineak Offer?

All elements of Cineak Home Cinema seating are bespoke and can be customized to your individual needs. The seating comes packaged with a wide range of accessories that the customer can choose such as chilled cup holders, Onyz under lit tables and even tactical transducers.

If you are planning a home cinema installation with Custom Controls, they favour the use of Cineak Cinema Seating, since past clients have had nothing but praise for the seating and the quality is second to none. There are many different styles of seating to choose from.

CineakFortuny Recliner Seating

If you are looking for a more traditional look, this is the seating for you. This luxurious take on a traditional cinema seat offers another level of comfort for the avid movie fan.

CineakIntimo Relaxed Cinema Seating

If you are looking for seating that is a little more relaxed, you may wish to choose from the Intimorange. This seating is perfect for family use and for couples who wish to snuggle up in front of the screen together.

CineakCosymo Sofa Seating

If you are looking for a stylish and sophisticated look, you may wish to selectCosymo Sofa Seating. This is perfect if you are looking for a gentlemen’s club style for your home cinema.

Cineak Cinema Seating Design

If you are interested in installing home cinema seating into your property, check out https://www.customcontrols.co.uk/home-cinema-installation/.