Reasons Why A Roofing Structure Should Have Minimum Pitch Range To Install Shingles

A flat roofing style has now become a traditional option to the homeowners. In most cases, you can find these roofs on the big commercial houses, and they need almost regular maintenance. However, many residential owners also look for having this type of roof. One major disadvantage is that you may face issues while laying shingles on this roof. The roofing contractors know the fact that applying the shingles on flat roof may not be acceptable option because of some reasons-

  • Problem in the installation process

Installing the shingles on your flat roofing surface is an intricate process, and you cannot do it without the professional help. To do so, there is also a need of adding some pitch. Many contractors also want to apply the roll-out roof, and it needs an application of heat. More than two thousand degrees of heat will cause risk.

  • Effect on the durability

The flat-style roofs may not cause any leakage issue for almost seven years. If you add roof shingles, the leakage will occur earlier. No matter whether you have done flawless installation of shingles, rainwater may get trapped between them. Thus, your roof will turn out to be weak and the leakage problem will also crop up very fast.

To know about the roof pitches and roof shingle Dearborn Michigan, we have presented some more facts for you.

  • Lower roofing pitch ranges from 1:12 to about 3:12, and you may find them mostly in the industrial units and urban houses.
  • You may not use traditional shingles for your low-pitched structure as there is no chance of faster draining of water through shingles.
  • It is also important to apply watertight sealing so that water will drain slowly
  • Slate and wooden shingles have more possibilities to cause annoying leakage issues. Such type of shingles may not get locked tightly and do not remain flat as other shingles. They work best if the ranges between 5/12 and 12/12.

Thus, you may better avoid using shingles, if your roof structure is flat. While it is a steep or sloped roof, there will be no issue in laying shingles. However, you have to know about the minimum pitch range, essential for the right installation of the shingle roofing design. Consult with your contractors in Michigan to install the best roofing system.