If you are looking for an efficient yet safe heater for your home, then you should consider purchasing an infrared heater. Thanks to the way high-quality infrared heaters operate, you can be sure of safe warmth and comfort that heats up not only your whole body but your entire home as well. Infrared heaters also create a more natural ambiance when compared to the warmth of other types of home heaters.

Infrared is an invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum of light. Although it is invisible, infrared can be felt in the form of heat energy. This is not unlike the way we sense the heat from the sun, even though no one can see the rays of the sun on earth.

Unlike other traditional heating appliances, the infrared heating system disseminates heat where it is needed instead of in empty spaces within a room. The technology used in running the infrared heating system makes use of up to eighty percent of its energy to heat up people as well as other parts of any room. Infrared uses twenty percent of its energy to heat the air. This is incredibly minimal when compared to other conventional forms of heating technology.

How to select an installation location

You need to give more consideration when looking for the perfect place to install your infrared heater. All you need is to understand the basics so that you don’t install your infrared heating appliance the way you would a convection-based product.

The reason is that infrared delivers heat differently. Another significant difference between convection and radiation is the process of heat transfer. Orthodox home heating systems transfer heat via the convection cycle of warm air. Infrared radiation works differently because it is a direct heating method since it travels directly from the heating source to the solid object that absorbs it.

The type of heat generated by infrared heaters cannot be affected by air movement, meaning that they are also unaffected by droughts. This direct nature of radiation from infrared sources requires that it should be directed to the right place.

High-quality infrared heaters need a line of sight that is unimpeded to the area that requires heating. As heat radiates from the infrared source, any object that obstructs the line of sight of the heater becomes the recipient of the warmth instead of the intended area. This can affect the entire heating system by making it work inefficiently.

Common mistakes for the placement of infrared heaters

Do not be tempted to install infrared heaters in the following locations in your home:

  • Alcoves
  • Opposite windows

Best places for installing infrared heaters

You can mount your infrared panel on the wall, especially on the wall space that is adjacent the door. Radiated heat from the source travels directly to all corners of the room and the surrounding walls and furnishings preserve the heat. Whatever loss may occur through windows is negligible and is further minimized by making sure that the infrared appliance does not face the glazing directly.

You can also make use of ceiling-mounted infrared panels for a completely unobstructed spread of radiation or heat. With the infrared panel pointing towards the floor, the living areas will always be heated comfortably, and all the emitted warmth will not only be absorbed but re-emitted by the walls, floor as well as furniture.

Ceiling-mounted high-quality infrared heaters are also out of harm’s way, thus preventing any accidental contact with its surface.

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