5 Ways to Beautify Your Windows without Curtains or Blinds

Window treatment options can feel both limited and unlimited simultaneously especially when dealing with retractable window screens. While it is possible to adopt a number of patterns, fabrics, textures, and materials from the overwhelming number of available options, beautifying your window is traditionally limited to using curtains or blinds.

Getting creative when beautifying your retractable window screens may however be the way to go to ensure that proper privacy and control over the amount of natural light entering into your home is controlled.

Creative means of beautifying your windows may however not turn out to be as beautiful as you earlier proposed therefore leaving a taint of dissatisfaction especially considering the amount of work and energy invested.

In case you’re bored of the boring feel provided by the blinds and curtains covering your windows, here are some tested creative tips to explore for better and beautiful windows.

Mount some shutters.

The use of curtains and blinds are common; however, shutters may be just the right way to go when you are looking for a less boring yet creative way to spice up the windows in your home. Shutters provide a more traditional feel and have been in existence way before the glass windows so it is guaranteed to add an extra look of class to your windows. Shutters are mostly used outside of homes but no rule states that you can’t get creative enough to bring them in.

Choosing your shutter should be based on the style and size of your window to achieve the purely decorative goal. There are several design options available when picking the choice of a shutter to adopt and when they are flipped to the inside, they offer much more function and adds a classic look to your windows.

To use shutters, it is recommended to mount them on both sides of your window to frame or opt to use a wider shutter on one side.

Paint your sashes and frames.

Bringing beauty to your windows may be as simple as adding a little color to them. Painting of the windows can give the best feel and an added look of class to your frames. It is however important to avoid paint splashes on the glass. Additionally, the sashes and frames may be painted in bold standard outside colors for a thicker accent and a dramatic modern look. The choice of black as a color for window frames and sashes could add a modern and sophisticated look to your windows.

Tip: Painting of sashes and frames can only be done when you have wood windows. Adding paints to vinyl or fiberglass windows is highly advised against.

Create your own molding.

Sometimes, making your home attractive could be as simple as moving things out of place and making some petty additions. Beautifying your boring window may be done by adding a decorative flair to it through addition of molding to the entire wall. This can be done with wainscoting or other paneling and is especially a great idea for windows without an apron, trim or a sill.

Decorate with plants or artworks

A flexible option for beautifying your window will be to add plants to cover the bare window. However, an additional option may be the adoption of artworks to cover the bare window area.

When choosing plants, the option of tall, leafy potted plants appears more appealing especially on the window sill or the floor in front of the window.

Adopting the use of an artwork could also prove complementary in driving the beauty of your retractable window screens. When using paintings, they should be placed strategically such that it leans against the wall beside or beneath the window thereby creating a distraction from the window’s features.