5 Ways to Keep Your Landlord Happy

The decision to rent a living space is amongst the major decisions a person ever makes in his or her lifetime. The decision is bound to have a profound impact on your life, and even in the immediate future. Therefore, to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly, it is important to maintain a good working relationship with your landlord.

Popular consensus has always tended to paint landlords in an unflattering light; they’re usually almost portrayed as money-grubbing characters demanding extortionate rent payments. However, it is to be noted that if your landlord’s happy, you are not going to have any problems. You must take care to make an effort on your part, too, to keep the landlord happy to have you as his tenant. Here, we shall look at some methods that will help you gain headway into improving the relationship:

Read your lease agreement

This is one of the most important things to do before moving into a new place. You have to make sure to read your lease agreement completely, so as to weed out any potential problems that may arise in the future. Signing a lease without reading it is a bad decision, since a lease is a legally binding document. Also, avoid verbal agreements as much as possible, and make sure to write them into the lease beforehand. Having a well-rounded lease helps you avoid any rights issue in the future.

Follow the lease

A lease is a legally binding document between two people. Once it is signed, you are bound to stay at the place for the duration of the lease. The finer points of the lease also matter; landlords technically can evict you for not following any point on the lease, but most won’t. However, sticking to the terms on the lease will help you avoid any clashes with the landlord in the future.

Timely rent

This is a no-brainer; you have to pay your rent on time. This works towards keeping the landlord satisfied, and ultimately happy in having you as a tenant. If you ever think that the rent is going to be delayed, make sure to inform your landlord beforehand.

Treat the house like your own

A common mistake that all tenants do is to treat the house badly; they reason that it is merely a temporary living space, and any ruckus they create is the landlord’s problem once they move out. Taking good care of the home will ensure that you get your deposit at the end of the term, and this would put you in good favour with the landlord for sure. You have to make sure to keep the property clean, too.

Take your stuff with you

Also, you must remember to take your stuff with you once you move out. The landlord has better things to do than sort your things before the new tenants arrive, so removing your things will help you keep your landlord satisfied with your tenancy. Renting can be difficult, but the process is made considerably easier with the availability of apps like NestAway today. You can find many studio apartments for rent in Bangalore through NestAway; the landlords can be contacted directly and the points of the lease worked out. So get your dream flat for rent in Bangalore, and always keep your landlord happy!