Different Types and Uses of Copper Fittings

The modern development has affected almost every field of life in a positive way. There are lots of improvements in the plumbing industry as well. The plumbing industry has undergone many changes such as manufacturing material, pipe fittings, installing techniques and manufacturing processes. Different materials are used to make pipe fittings and pipes that are used for piping and plumbing systems.

Fittings are very important part of the plumbing systems because no plumbing system can be complete without the use of pipe fittings. Pipe fittings are used to alter the shape and size of the pipes. The fittings are used to connect, join, mold and modify the length of pipes. Due to importance of the pipe fittings, these are made with different types of materials and in different shapes. The purpose of different materials is that not all pipes and fittings are suitable for every type of fluid, conditions and substance.

Copper fittings are one of the most used types of pipe fittings that are used in the piping and plumbing systems widely. Copper is an ideal element for manufacturing pipes because of its resistance against the corrosion and rust. The copper pipes can be cut into different lengths and can be soldered together. To connect two copper pipes, copper fittings are used with it by soldering and sweating process. This type of connection is permanent and very strong. There are no chances of water leakage.

Copper not only gives stylish and unique look, but is also good for plumbing. You can easily remove and install copper pipes any time you want. Copper fittings come in many shapes and varieties including copper pipe brushes, copper elbows, copper adapters, copper joints, copper Tees, and Copper Couplings etc.

Copper fittings are made in two different qualities that are soft copper and rigid copper. The tubes and fittings made with the soft copper can be easily bent by gently applying some pressure. Mostly this type of copper is used to make the thin pipes. For example, the pipes on the back of refrigerators, pipes in split air-conditioners etc.

Rigid copper is used to make strong pipes, like water pipelines. These types of pipes are connected through compression and sweating connections. These pipes are strong and they cannot be bent by applying pressure. Copper fittings used that are used to bend or shape these kinds of pipes are elbows and tee shaped fittings. Mostly these connections are permanent and in some cases these connections are made with the help of nuts and bolts. The connections made through the copper fittings have no issues of leakage.

The plumbing systems made with the copper pipes and fittings usually lasts lifetime. Copper fittings are available in the local hardware stores in different shapes and sizes. Mostly these types of pipes and fittings are used for small plumbing systems instead of large ones. The reason of this is that copper is expensive metal and if you are on a budget, you cannot use copper pipes and fittings in plumbing system of your house.