How to Keep the Carpet in Your Home Looking Clean and New

Getting a new carpet is an exciting experience. You may feel like you want to spend more time at home and in the room, but that also increases the chances of getting the carpet dirty. The cleaner it is, the newer it will look, but common dust, soil, and more can leave a carpet looking dirty and ratty. Meridian Chem-Dry has the tools to effectively clean out dirt and stains, but there are many ways to keep your carpet looking clean and new.

One way is to prevent the dirt from reaching it in the first place. Area rugs and runners in places that get high traffic can do a couple of things. First, they block dirt from soiling the cherished carpet underneath. They also protect the material underneath from getting crushed. Additionally, area rugs can add an aesthetic charm to the room, introducing color, texture, and character. Common places to put them include hallways, in front of chairs and couches, and by entrances.

Break Out the Vacuum Cleaner

There is no alternative to regular vacuuming. Carpet fibers can collect a lot of dirt and the suction pulls out particles that have settled deeper into the material. Simply walking on a carpet can introduce dirt and push it farther in. When dust and other things collect in the fibers, they can cause damage and even change how light is reflected. The result is often a dull appearance, but you can prevent your carpet from aging prematurely by using the vacuum cleaner on a regular basis.

Don’t Use Carpet Powders

Many people choose to use these powders to eliminate odors. However, the powder residue left behind can do more harm than good. It can remain hidden for a long time, perhaps not until you get the carpet steam cleaned and a white film appears on top of the carpet afterward.

A Professional Cleaning Keeps the Carpet Looking New

Getting your carpet cleaned by a professional should be a regular responsibility. It can be done every six months, or every year. The best thing is to not wait until the carpet looks dirty or dingy. If it looks dull or crushed, the damage has already been done. The professionals can even help protect your carpet from staining, so when spills do happen, they are easier to clean up. Regular treatments also prevent fraying, which can permanently damage carpet fibers.

Vacuum Your Carpet Properly

When you do vacuum yourself, make sure the bag or filter is clean. Not only can dirt escape back on the carpet; it can also reduce the machine’s suction power. Vacuum bags should be replaced when they are around three-quarters full. In the case of filtered vacuums, replace or wash the filters every three months.

Speed is important too. Work the vacuum cleaner slowly so more dirt is sucked up. In less traveled areas, one pass will do, but you should make two slower passes in areas that see high amounts of traffic. You can more effectively keep your carpet clean with slower passes, because ground-in dirt is removed better than with a quick pass.