How to Keep Your Area Rugs Clean and Looking Like New

Area rugs are great to have. They can protect carpet and add something to the design of a home’s interior. If you lay one where people tend to walk or be more often, it too will get dirty. Cleaning an area rug is just as important as cleaning a carpet. People still think it’s a good idea to haul it outside, hang it on a clothesline, and beat it; this might loosen a lot of dirt, but it will also damage the woven threads and backing, which may even separate from the rug itself.

The best ways to keep an area rug clean is to vacuum it weekly. Dust, crumbs, and dirt accumulate in the fibers just like in a regular carpet. Vacuuming will pick up that debris, so it doesn’t sit there forever, or go even deeper into the material and possibly ruin its color and texture.

Tend to those Stains

Mud, coffee, wine, and tomato sauce are just a few things that can leave a stubborn stain. Use a stain remover appropriate for the area rug, but carpet shampoos or sprays can attract more dirt and do more harm than good. If a professional carpet cleaning service isn’t available, you can remove stains with a clean towel or cloth. Place it under the rug and blot the stain with a dry, clean towel, dampened with cold water or club soda. Other things that work include shaving cream, but you can also try mixing water with dish soap.

Proper Maintenance

Vacuuming and stain cleaning are important, but not the only ways to keep your area rugs looking like new. Install rug supports under where the legs of furniture rest. Even a small tile will prevent severe indentations. Also, since the rug is not fixed like a carpet is, you can rotate it much more easily, which should be done every six months. This spreads out the wear so you don’t end up with the same part of the rug getting poked and worn out.

There are even more things to avoid if you want to protect the rug. When vacuuming, don’t run the machine over the fringe, because this will be sucked up and loosened, possibly creating a mess of curly, misshapen strings. Chunks of fringe and threads can ruin the area rug and get caught in the vacuum cleaner, possibly leaving behind damage that can be expensive to fix. It’s also possible you may need to buy a brand-new vacuum.

Many folks find out the hard way that improper cleaning can ruin an area rug. Keeping your carpets clean, and area rugs too, should be done the right way. It takes just a little effort to avoid common mistakes. Learning the proper ways to care for a rug can keep it not only looking like new, but in top shape for many more years. You’ll also get longevity and more durability by putting special padding between the rug and the floor, which can prevent it from slipping when people walk by.